About MCG

about-img1Established in 2006, Morland Consulting Group Pty Ltd (MCG) is a Melbourne-based international Executive Search and Recruitment company specialising in executive and senior professional level appointments within the Minerals Industry. Morland Consulting Group has, apart from its technical understanding and management ability, an extensive network of contacts around the world. This enables the delivery of quality talent to its clients and truly global searches to be undertaken when required for national and international Executive Search assignments. Complementing this is a rigorous process to confirm the person’s ability to undertake the role under consideration and to deliver an outcome to the satisfaction of both client and candidate.

Our Values

Our business involves working with people and maintaining relationships. We believe in fair and honest dealings with clients and candidates alike to the extent that we become trusted and respected partners with both groups. Honesty, integrity and professionalism are the key building blocks of Morland Consulting Group. Matched with this is our sense of urgency to deliver the best person to the client, and to offer the successful candidate a fresh career opportunity where they have been fully briefed as to the expectations of them and the rewards. Morland Consulting Group is concerned with delivering quality and value-for-money work. At an early stage we will engage potential clients in a dialogue as to the recruitment task. Sometimes this results in the client looking at alternative solutions to fill the position. We intend to operate in the Mineral Resources sector for the foreseeable future and are happy to fulfil the role of adviser in order to develop a client’s trust and confidence.
With candidates we have a similar open relationship. Where applicable we will provide mentoring and career advice, irrespective of whether they are looking at a particular role or not. We see relationship building as an important aspect of our business. s1